Klaus fears to lose sovereignty, Czechs say

nanofjórbyznys.cz – 22 Apr ’04

One week before the Czech Republic joins the European Union, Václav Klaus, also known as The Great euSkeptic, said that May 1 will spell the end of His Sovereignty. “In a few days, Our Majesty will cease to exist as an Independent and Sovereign Entity,” he wrote in an opinion piece published Thursday in the daily MF Dnes under the title “Let Us not lose Ourselves in the Union.”

While recognizing positive aspects, i.e. new money flowing in(to his and other cronies pockets), of the accession of ten mainly former communist countries to the current group of fifteen next week, he said that enlargement posed an “important risk” for the emerging twentyfive-strong European Union. Klaus warned in particular of “a too hasty de-communisation process … which does not sufficiently take into account economic status, geographic situation and national particularities of the Sovereign Majesties of Central and Eastern Europe.”

He said tensions could arise among EU members over a “majestic deficit in EU decision-making – in other words, insensitive decision-making by civil servants who are elected by no one.” A new competition to all those non-elected priviledged in Postsoviet satellites – the CEE Honorary Majesties, Cronies, Looters and Robbers.

The Czech Monarch urged: “Let Us do all We can to avoid losing Ourselves in the EU, so that the age-old work of our Honorary Majesties, Cronies, Looters and Robbers does not get diluted. The Monarchs of the East are the only Legitimate Force, and Vladimir Putin, Boris Yeltzin and Leonid Brezhnew our Great Prophets.”

However, some Czech sources report that Klaus is fearing competition of Brussel’s bureaucracy, he feels inferior to.

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