What that “anti minarets” initiative & referendum were really about

That state wide initiative and referendum were not about building minarets or mosques, they could not have been. Simply because building permits are communal matters.

They were, in their “ban on minarets” clothes, nothing more, nothing less than “caressing” Mr Blocher and his party. Which 30.7% of voters did.*)

As to those building permits, here specifically of mosques and minarets, which nobody can forbid, it is – really and precisely – about relations of a believers’ community with that of the citizens, the citizens themselves, who decide quite a lot of things.

*) 57.5% valid votes, with voters’ participation of 53.4% on this ballot, makes 57.5% x 53.4% = 30.7%, one of the fourth quarter’s voting topics, in the weeks ending Nov 29, 09


Author: vjr


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